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Possibly the nicest way to heat a building is to gently warm its floors. Underfloor heating requires much lower water temperatures then radiators approx 40°C.

As the heat is applied at floor level, less energy input is required compared to other sources such as radiators. 


Also where asthma is present in a household, underfloor is the ideal solution as it produces an even heat rather than stuffy, therefore ensuring thermal comfort.

​Every heating system must have a design temperature. In Ireland it is generally taken at a range of -2°C to 23°C outside which is known as the heat curve.


Outdoor temperature sensors or weather compensation determines that the underfloor heating system is most responsive when it is coldest outside. 

Underfloor heating is more than capable of meeting a house needs in any conditions at a very minimal cost, contrary to what some people may think.


Once the heating loss calculations have calculated correctly it becomes very efficient. At Smart Heating we can design a system to meet your specific needs.

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