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Simple & Easy to Use

The Benefits of Smart Heating Controls

At Smart Heating we are a big fan of smart heating controls and any possible means to save energy. Mobile controls allows the homeowner to use their heating system from anywhere in the world from a laptop, tablet or their mobile phone. This can cut up to 20% off your heating bills. 

Smart heating controls work like a regular digital heating controller. You can set schedules, boost the heat, view the room temperature, turn on the water and so on - just like any other modern controller. This sounds complicated, but it’s not really.

The apps for these controllers both look great and are really easy to use. They all have graphic representations of the old circular crunch-button heating timers, and you can use a mouse or your thumb to move them around and set schedules. 

This all means that when you’re away from home you can use your app to monitor turn the heat and hot water, or use the online app to set schedules. Therefore you will never come back to a cold home.

At Smart heating we will be able to advise you how to use the heating controls that you have, or recommend a new one based on your individual needs.

We can now offer a remote monitoring system for your heat pump which provides us with instant reports of how its performing and flags any alarm faults with us.

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